Superhero Cake


My friends sister asked if I would bake a cake for her sons birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Well, of course, but what did she want it to look like?  He, like any other four year old, likes superheros – Spiderman, The Hulk and The Thing to be precise.  So to Pintrest I went in search of inspiration and ideas that I could cope with, but would also have a bit of wow factor.


This cake was what first sprang to mind when I thought superhero cake.  I’d seen it floating about the internet for a while, and it is pretty fabulous, although way out of my skill zone.  I’ve not quite managed to tackle tiered cakes yet.  So instead I stuck to one tier but combined the four superheros on the top.  I really just sort of freestyle when I decorate a cake, as everyone is usually the first of that design, and because of that it takes me a long time.  First I mixed up my colours, then made a template and then began cutting out the shapes.  I couldn’t cope with The Thing which had been requested so I switched him for Batman and Superman.  I really just wanted to give one of them a cape, that is definitely my favourite part.



Overall the cake turned out well.  If I could do it again I would’ve made it a lighter grey, slightly more appetising, and bought a couple more tools for shaping the fondant, a knife and my hands aren’t really cutting it anymore.

Superhero Cake

8 inch, two layer vanilla cake with swiss meringue buttercream frosting

For the sponge, I used this recipe from Sweetapolita.

For the frosting I attempted Swiss Meringue Buttercream for the first time, and used this recipe from Sweet Society.  If you’ve never tried Swiss Meringue Buttercream it as a much subtler sweetness than regular buttercream, which is great when you’re using it to cover a cake completely.  Sometimes traditional buttercream can be overwhelmingly sweet on cakes.  It turned out to me much simpler to make than expected.  Just follow the recipe to the letter and you should be fine!

This cake was a two layer cake, so for the filling I used a traditional vanilla buttercream topped with raspberry jam.

I never got to taste the final product but I’m hoping it all tasted delicious!  The feedback has been good anyways.

  • This cake is just amazing! I can’t figure out which superhero is my favorite, the hulk hand is spot on. I absolutely love it!!!
    Katie 🙂

    • Thanks Katie! It’s maybe a little rough around the edges but I was pleased with how it came out 🙂

  • This cake is incredible! I love how you’ve incorporated the different super heros! I bet the birthday boy was absolutely delighted!

  • This is incredible! I love the details on the top of the cake. Do you have a preference for fondant? I’m so terrible with fondant I never use it.

    • Thank you! I’m no fondant expert, and I don’t have a lot of tools so I just try and be creative and work with what I have. I usually just start with the shop bought plain white fondant icing and colour to suit what I’m making. It can be frustrating but it’s fun when it works out! I’d love to take a class to actually find out if I’m doing things the right way or not.

  • Kirsty this cake is awesome! You are so talented! 🙂

  • Jenny

    Hi kirsty, do you make cakes to order? I love this cake but no way could I make it myself!

  • Hi
    I have tracked down your website from a photo a customer sent me and asked for a cake like your superhero cake earlier this year. I made it again this week, see my page for my version. That design has made some little boys very happy, thank you !

    • You’re very welcome! I’m glad it’s provided you with some inspiration, yours looks great!

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  • What a cute cake! My boss has just had one made for him and it’s given me the bug to make one myself. Yours has given me some great ideas!

  • WarrioroftheWind

    I had a customer request this cake design at our store. I work at a Kroger, and the family wanted this for their son’s first birthday. They brought image references from the internet and even brought their own carton of 5lb fondant to use for it.

    My dept manager REFUSED to make it! She claimed it was too difficult to do and then quoted an outrageous price to discourage the customer from wanting to buy it. I quoted them $40: $24.99 for the cake itself and $15 or so for time and labor.

    She quoted them $109.99! A half sheet cake can serve 20-30 ppl. You can get a 2-tier wedding cake made from fondant that serves 64 ppl for $109.99!

    The customers were upset but they came back and got their fondant and bought the plain cake. I gave them tips on how to work with fondant and they’re gonna try to do it themselves. I hope it comes out okay for them and their baby. You stated yourself that you freehanded your design, and this doesn’t look nearly as complex as other results when I looked up ‘DC-Marvel fondant cakes”.

    My manager should be ashamed of herself but she is utterly shameless and pathetic. *I* could have tried doing this cake if I had arrived an hour earlier. She didn’t even notify the customer of what was happening until an hour BEFORE he was scheduled to pick it up, thats how last-minute she is.

    • Hiya, thanks for your comment. That is far too much to charge for that cake! Your manager is crazy! That is a shame for that family. And you’re right, I purposefully went with a much simpler design than those you see online so that it could be an affordable cake that still looks really great.

      • WarrioroftheWind

        I have an update on that family. They did come back and show photos they’d taken of the cake they made to myself and the other girl who was working closing with me that night. It didn’t end up exactly the same as your original, but they kind of put their own spin on it. They made a stylized Superman emblem with a J for their son’s name and the Capt. America emblem in the bottom right corner and the Batman emblem in the bottom left. They even took it to a restaurant that had a party room and showed it to all their friends.

        Bear in mind the little boy was barely 1. He couldn’t appreciate the intricacy of such a cake, but it didn’t matter! It was his first birthday, and it should’ve been about him, what the parents wanted, not whether the manager felt it was ‘too time consuming’ to do or whatever cockamaimey reason she gave. The parents told me they were pleased with how their efforts turned out and it was a challenge for them, but my encouragement and tips helped. You yourself stated you had nothing but a knife and rolling pin to work with so I figured they could at least try and try they did.

        Their experience as well as my manager’s rotten attitude inspired me to begin acquiring supplies to start practicing at home. The parents weren’t specially trained, they weren’t paid, and they made a wonderful cake for their baby boy that this woman who was trained and was paid didn’t have the guts to even try.

  • wyoming

    Your pic was stolen!!!!! Herecomesthecakebyjudi on facebook!!!!she watermarked as her own!

    • Hi, thank you for letting me know. I’ve been in touch so hopefully I can get this sorted out soon.