12 Days of Christmas – Mince Pies

mince pies 3

Bringing you a quick and easy recipe today, because sometimes you need mince pies NOW!  I’m sure that’s not just me.

I had bought a jar or mincemeat to make an apple and mincemeat crumble, after one of my friends had it for dessert when we were out to dinner the other day, and I had some left over.  Also, whilst in the supermarket earlier in the day I was compelled to buy two packets of ready rolled puff pastry which was on special offer.  So it seems I was destined to make these mince pies.

mince pies 1

mince pies 4

To make the mince pie filling I added some grated Bramley apple and chopped pecans to the left over mincemeat.

mince pies 6

I cut out 5cm discs of pastry, placed a spoonful of filling on the bottom layer, then brushed a little egg wash around the edge before placing a disc of pastry on top.  Pressing a fork along the perimetre will seal the edges nicely, and don’t worry if a little filling spills out.

mince pies 7

Then a quick egg wash on top, sprinkle of sugar and in to the oven at 200 degrees C for 15-20 minutes.

Done and done!

  • These are so pretty! what a brilliant way to quickly whip up something for guests! I love the sound of mincemeat and apple crumble, I will be having a go at that this weekend!

    • Thank you! The mincemeat apple crumble was really easy, I just stirred some in with the apples. Although be care you don’t put in too much, I did and it was incredibly sweet!